Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Specification of PSA glue- hot melt glue disposable hygiene diaper gluing machine

November 30 , 2021


Infusion paste adhesive

Construction adhesive ,light color

COnstruction adhesive

Construction adhesive

Construction adhesive ,light color no odor ,strong viscosity

Basement membrane adhesive

Positioning adhesive

Eastic adhesive

High grade elastic adhesive

"High grade core adhesive for hygiene product industry,

light color,strong viscosity"

Adhesive for Non-woven coveralls

Side tape adhesive

Adhesive for easy tape

Hot melt adhesive for disposable hygiene product

Hot melt adhesive is not contain organic solvents,fast coating,safe and healthy,widely used in disposable hygiene industry which can direct contact with the body.Disposable hygiene hot melt adhesive usually is a thermoplastic polymer pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA) ,can bonding non-woven textile after melting in very fast speed,our disposable hygiene hot melt adhesive is applicable fordisposable gown,sanitary napkin,baby diapers,bandaid,medical tapes and adult diaper.

Advantage:good workability,good bonding,low odor.

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