Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Several factors affecting the development of automatic dispensing machine

August 25 , 2021

1. The key factors for the success of Technology Industry: R & D ability, process innovation ability, product innovation ability, constantly developing new products and occupying new markets. In this way, it will avoid homogeneous competition.

2. Key factors for the success of sales industry: technical support, customer service, order processing, product line and alternative product width, commodity promotion skills, product warranty, promotional advertising, etc;

Development of hot melt glue machine equipment

3. Key factors for the success of skilled industries: skilled workers, quality management skills, design experts, special skills in specific technology, developing creative products, obtaining creative product improvement, rapid commercialization ability, organization ability, excellent information system, rapid market response, e-commerce ability, more experience and know-how, etc;

4. Key success factors of dispensing machine manufacturing industry: low-cost production (obtaining economies of scale and experience curve effect), capacity utilization of fixed assets, skilled employees, low-cost product design, low-cost site, flexible production series products to meet customer requirements, etc;

5. Key factors for the success of distribution industry: strong wholesale network / special dealer network, retail outlets controlled by the company, own distribution channels and outlets, low distribution cost, fast distribution, etc;

6. Key success factors of general management ability industry: favorable corporate image / reputation, low total cost, convenient facility location, polite employees, patent protection, etc

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