Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Is the hot melt glue machine dangerous to operate?

August 24 , 2021

As a beginner who has just taken over to operate the hot melt adhesive machine, there are still certain risks, such as temperature control, glue volume control, glue filling time, etc. These issues need to be considered, then let's take the following Let's see how to operate the hot melt glue machine to avoid danger:

1. Be sure to wear gloves and goggles when operating the hot melt machine

2. It is forbidden to have volatile gases or combustibles around

3. If you encounter any problems with the automatic glue dispenser machine, do not disassemble it by yourself, you should let professionals take care of it

4. When you need to fill the glue during work, you must reserve one-third of the glue in the glue tank instead of bottoming out

If you are a non-professional, it is recommended to read some basic operations and instruction manuals about the hot melt adhesive machine, so as to avoid various dangerous situations.

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