Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hot melt adhesive machine and construction, packaging industry

August 25 , 2021

(1) Hot melt adhesive machine for construction

In the construction industry, hot melt glue machine is mainly used for structure and decoration, such as insulation and isolation of cork plywood, laminated wood plastic floor, wallpaper, etc., and bonding of decorative plates and non stress components. The use of hot melt glue machine in buildings can not only improve the building quality, increase the sense of beauty and comfort, but also improve the construction technology. In recent years, in the installation and construction of construction projects, adhesive has been used to replace the traditional mechanical reinforcement of screws, rivets and wedges. It can achieve firm adhesion to the joints with poor coordination. There are three types of hot melt adhesives used in construction, including polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylic acid resin and polyvinyl alcohol

(2) Hot melt adhesive machine for packaging

As the coat of goods, packaging and printing has become an important factor affecting the competitiveness of goods. People have higher and higher requirements for it, which not only requires low cost, durability, but also beautiful and generous, can stimulate and attract consumers, but also requires anti-counterfeiting function. The development of hot melt adhesive machine makes many new packaging and printing materials and technologies applied, creating conditions for the development of packaging and printing. It can be said that without hot melt glue machine, there will be no colorful modern commodity packaging.

Compared with other types of adhesive machinery, hot melt adhesive machine has the advantages of fast curing speed, curing time often measured in seconds, no solvent volatilization, and no auxiliary drying equipment in the bonding process. Therefore, hot melt adhesive is an ideal adhesive in the packaging industry, which has developed very rapidly in recent years. In the bonding of paper and paper products, the lamination of paper / plastic and plastic / metal foil, wireless binding of books and periodicals, body fitted packaging and laminated board of flexible packaging plastic

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