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Advantages of hot melt adhesive in hot melt adhesive machine

August 26 , 2021

Performance advantages of hot melt adhesive in hot melt adhesive machine;

① Fast curing speed, good bonding strength and flexibility. The hot melt adhesive ejected by the hot melt adhesive machine can be cured and bonded within tens of a second to a few seconds. It has the characteristics of melting when heated and sticking when cooled. This enables the packers to use the hot-melt machine to adopt a higher speed production line, and increase the output while reducing defective products, which is convenient for continuous, automatic, high-speed operation and low cost.

② The ability of hot melt adhesive is very stable and is not affected by the changes of temperature and humidity from morning to night in the working environment, which ensures the bonding fastness and eliminates the inherent bonding and stripping problems of packaging machinery.

③ The hot melt adhesive does not contain water or any other solvent. Its solid can be made into block, film, strip or granular, which is easy to transport and store. Long service life, and eliminate damage and waste, easy to use.

④ The hot melt adhesive does not contain solvent and will not emit harmful and toxic smoke. It is not easy to burn and explode Zha, has safety, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment and endanger human health.

⑤ The adhesive layer formed by hot melt adhesive is water-resistant and moisture-resistant, and can form a reliable bonding even in a humid environment.

⑥ The hot melt adhesive can be melted and bonded repeatedly. If the hot melt adhesive coated on the adherend cannot be bonded due to cooling and curing, it can be reheated for bonding operation. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the bonding of components with special process requirements, such as the repair of some cultural relics.

⑦ The utility model has the advantages of wide bonding objects, bonding and sealing, no drying process, simple bonding process and good economic benefits.

⑧ Good gloss and gloss retention, excellent shielding.

Of course, hot melt adhesives also have some disadvantages, as described below.

① There are limitations in performance, insufficient heat resistance, limited bonding strength and poor drug resistance. The heat resistance and strength of hot melt adhesive can be improved by modifying the matrix polymer of hot melt adhesive.

② The effect of manual coating is not good, and the waste of glue is difficult to control. Therefore, it is necessary to equip special equipment for melting and sizing, such as hot melt glue machine, which is inconvenient in use, thus limiting its use and promotion.

③ The bonding of hot melt adhesive machine is sometimes affected by climate and season. Generally, the wettability is poor in winter, the curing is slow in summer, the wind is strong, and the melting time is shortened.

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