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Development history of hot melt adhesive

August 26 , 2021

Hot melt adhesive has been used in packaging since the late 1950s. Due to its unique advantages, it has incomparable advantages compared with other adhesives, and has become one of the fastest developing varieties of adhesives. It is widely used in corrugated board manufacturing, corrugated box forming, paper bag manufacturing, etc. it was popular in Europe and America from 1960s to 1970s, and is deeply welcomed by printing (book binding, etc.), clothing, shoemaking, decoration, furniture and other industries. With the continuous development of thermoplastic products used in petroleum, chemical industry, communication cables, power cables, household appliances and other fields, the development of hot melt adhesive, a supporting product for bonding, sealing and anti-corrosion in thermoplastic products, has been promoted to meet different needs. The development of automobile industry also puts forward higher requirements and provides greater opportunities for hot-melt adhesive industry.

In 1984, reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive appeared in the American market. Since then, reactive hot melt adhesive has been applied in the automotive industry, and its dosage has increased year by year. The properties of hot melt adhesive are gradually improved and improved through grafting modification, blending modification and reaction curing, and new varieties and processes of hot melt adhesive are also developing. A series of new hot-melt adhesives have been developed, including water-soluble hot-melt adhesive, rewetting hot-melt adhesive, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, water-sensitive hot-melt adhesive, heat-resistant hot-melt adhesive, solvent hot-melt adhesive, biodegradable hot-melt adhesive, etc,

The properties of hot melt adhesive are improved from various angles, the application range of hot melt adhesive is widened, and a bright prospect is displayed. Up to the past decade, the growth rate of demand in Japan and the United States has reached 10% and 13% respectively. In 1998, the demand for hot melt adhesive in some developed countries accounted for the market of synthetic adhesive. In 202000, the annual consumption of global hot melt adhesive has exceeded 1.2 million tons, and hot melt adhesive has become an important member of adhesive family. Due to solvent-free, pollution-free and pollution-free, hot-melt adhesives have developed rapidly and their applications are expanding. It is a direction of adhesive development in the world. As the heating spraying equipment of hot melt adhesive, the application of hot melt adhesive machine will also develop with the application of hot melt adhesive. More and more enterprises that need hot melt adhesive will have more and more demand for hot melt adhesive machine.

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