Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What are the characteristics of hot melt adhesive machines in the non-woven industry?

August 27 , 2021

The gluing process in the non-woven fabric industry is many and complex, and the use of a hot melt glue machine can speed up the production speed and save costs.

1. For the gluing of the thermal non-woven fabric of the coil, the hot melt glue machine can cooperate with the rewinding and unwinding to complete the gluing. With the unwinding roll, the hot melt glue machine can be directly facing the glue on the way, and then after the glue is applied It is easy and convenient to roll up by the reel.

2.For medical supplies such as surgical gowns, gloves and other non-woven products, there is no need to spray full glue, you can use manual spiral spray glue, save glue, and have a good bonding effect.

3. Hot melt glue machine can be divided into streamline glue spraying machine and dot glue spraying machine. Large-scale filter non-woven fabric production can be automated with a folding machine equipped with a streamline hot melt glue machine. Automatic operation and production efficiency are realized. Greatly improve.

4. There is another type of hot melt glue machine that is rolling gluing. For those non-woven products with strong penetration, it is best to use roller gluing, which can have a certain grasp of the thickness of the gluing. This situation is relatively rare.

The use of hot melt adhesive machines in the non-woven fabric industry is mainly determined by the nature of the non-woven product and the configuration of the production line. The width of the non-woven fabric, the thickness of the glue, and the line speed of the production line are all important factors. The manufacturer of Nuosheng hot melt adhesive machine can work out a suitable plan according to your requirements and production line, and give a reasonable configuration, highlighting the characteristics of the hot melt adhesive machine in the medical supplies industry, and meet your needs for different conditions.

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