Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Requirements for hot melt hoses in the process of using hot melt glue machines

October 28 , 2021

Each set of hot melt glue machine equipment needs a hot melt hose as a delivery pipe to transport the hot melt glue melted into a liquid state in the host to the glue gun. Don't look at it as just a conveying pipeline,pay attention to it, in fact, there are requirements for it in the process of use.

The most used one is made of Teflon inner tube. Firstly, it is required to be able to withstand high pressure without deformation. Secondly, it is required that the hot-melt glue pipe has a heating function to melt the solidified hot-melt glue in the tube. Finally, it is required The hot-melt hose must have a thermal insulation effect to prevent the liquid hot-melt adhesive from cooling during the transportation process and affecting the paste effect. If you want the hot melt hose to be wear-resistant and durable, the outer layer of the inner tube will be protected by stainless steel wire. In order to protect the heating element, a thermal insulation layer will be added, so it is resistant to bending and durable under high temperature and high pressure.

The hot melt hose realizes independent temperature control through the internal heating wire and sensor, and the temperature can be clearly seen on the host, avoiding the temperature from being too high or too low! Choose Yongtai's hot melt hose, which has a long service life and precise temperature control.

hot-melt glue pipe

hot-melt glue pipe

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