Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How to install the hot melt glue gun on the hot melt glue machine

October 29 , 2021

Before using the hot melt glue machine equipment, you need to install a hot melt hose and a manual hot melt glue gun. The installation of the hot melt glue gun is relatively complicated, but it is also very simple.

1. The installation staff need to wear protective gloves to avoid scratches

2. Use a wrench to tighten the thread connecting the hot melt glue gun and the hot melt hose

3. Insert the power cord plug on the hot melt glue gun into the hot melt hose

4. If it is an automatic hot-melt glue gun, you need to fix the hot-melt glue gun in the glue spraying position, which must be firm

5. Connect the signal wire of the solenoid valve on the hot-melt glue gun to a suitable controller Up

6. There are configurations that need to use air, but also need to connect an air compressor, connect the air pressure regulator and the solenoid valve.

Automatic glue nozzle

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