Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How hot melt glue machine apply hot glue

October 29 , 2021

Because of the environmental protection of hot-melt adhesives, more and more industries are required to use hot-melt adhesive bonding materials. How does the hot-melt adhesive machine use hot-melt adhesive?

Hot melt adhesive is solid, and it needs to be heated and melted into a liquid state in order to use it. The hot melt glue machine has a melt box, and the hot melt glue can be melted by pouring it into it and heating it. Different types of hot melt adhesives have a certain difference in the use temperature. The hot melt adhesive machine sets the heating temperature according to the use temperature of the hot melt adhesive. After the hot-melt glue is melted, the liquid glue is transported to the hot-melt glue gun through the hot-melt glue pipe. During this transportation, the hot-melt glue pipe also has a heating and heat preservation function to prevent the liquid hot-melt glue from cooling during the transportation process and affecting the use effect. When the liquid hot melt adhesive reaches the hot melt adhesive, it is sprayed on the material in different forms through a nozzle.

The hot melt glue machine, hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun are all independently temperature-controlled, and the temperature can be adjusted as required, and the operation is simple.

hot melt glue machine

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