Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What affects the sticking effect of hot melt glue machine on paper products

November 01 , 2021

In traditional production, paper products are pasted with water glue and tape. With the environmental protection requirements of the times, paper products are pasted and formed with hot melt adhesives, such as various paper boxes, cartons, express bags, handbags, etc. Electronic product packaging boxes, etc. To use hot melt adhesive, you need to spray it on the paper product with a hot melt adhesive machine, so what will affect the paste effect in this process?

1. It is related to the quality of paper products. The tension and density of paper products will affect the bonding effect of hot melt adhesive. Another point is that the water content of the paper product should not be too large or too small, which will also affect the paste effect.

2. It is related to the properties of hot melt adhesive. Hot melt glue machine has its own fluidity, permeability and adhesion. Paper products are too dry, you can use hot melt adhesives with better permeability; on the contrary, use hot melt adhesives with stronger adhesion; if the fiber is loose and the density is low, you can choose hot melt adhesives with better permeability, and vice versa. The connection is relatively good.

3. Related to hot melt glue machine. The hot melt glue machine is a special equipment for spraying hot melt glue on paper products. Its spraying amount, spraying speed, and spraying effect will all have an impact on the bonding effect.

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