Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Main Parts of 2.5gallons PUR Automatic Edge Banding Machine

January 06 , 2022

infinity pur 3000 hot melt applicator

Mainframe technical features

1.The hot melt applicator is processed with aluminum ingots, and the surface is treated with double Teflon penetration spray anti-sticking treatment. In-line heating tube for easy replacement

2.The pressure plate is sealed with a bowl-shaped sealing ring with a modified fluorine rubber formula, which is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant and has a long service life.

3.The glue channel of the pump splitter has no dead angle design to minimize the chance of glue aging in the glue channel.

4.Precise metering gear pump, frequency converter speed regulation, and deceleration motor form a glue supply system to ensure accurate control of glue output.

5.The dual over-temperature protection function of software and hardware prevents equipment damage and temperature runaway.

6.Automatic air valve out of the barrel operation.

7.Various safety protection, touch screen prompt function, safe and simple maintenance and detection.    

(1).Detection value over-temperature alarm: an alarm is given when the temperature of the heating part exceeds the upper limit    

(2).Detection value low temperature alarm: alarm when the temperature of the heating part is lower than the lower limit

(3).Detection and alarm of each temperature zone: heating of the heating part is disconnected, and the sensor is disconnected to give an alarm

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