Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

1800mm and 2000mm roller machine hot and cold glue applicator

December 30 , 2021

The hot melt glue roller coating machine is an electromechanical equipment that melts hot melt glue by heating and turns it into liquid laminating on rollers. It is suitable for all kinds of hot melt glues. The equipment is mainly divided into three main parts, namely, the glue tank melts , sheet conveying system and electrical control system. Hot melt glue machine equipment is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving high-tech industrial product. With the development of modern industry, hot melt glue machine equipment has been continuously used in the production field of national industry, especially in the building materials industry with outstanding supply and demand.

1. Glue tank melt glue gluing system adjustment:  The rubber roller gap adjustment bolt is used to adjust the gap between the rubber roller and the sliders on both sides to prevent glue leakage.

2. Adjustment of the plate conveying system: loosen the conveyor belt adjustment screw, move the conveyor belt to the middle of the rollers (except for the middle limit wheel), lock the conveyor belt adjustment screw, take the conveyor belt to tighten quickly, start the inverter, When the conveyor belt rotates and adjusts, tighten the left adjustment screw or loosen the right adjustment screw when the conveyor belt deviates to the left. If the conveyor belt deviates to the right, tighten the right adjustment screw or loosen the left adjustment screw.


1. This machine is suitable for a large surface in stead of adhesive tape.

2. Precisely temperature control by P.I.D. temperature controller., roller stepless speed adjustment, convenient adjustment.

3. Equipped with isolation glue cover, emergency stop switch.Safety design to prevent hands drawn into machine.

4.Gluing type can be designed as required.

5.Aplication for shoe-making,packaging,furniture, carpet,bags and special

Storage requirements:

Temperature: -35℃~65℃. Humidity: 0~70%RH. Do not stack, do not squeeze, do not impact or collide.

Use environment: temperature: -10℃~75℃. Humidity: 0~80%RH. It is allowed to be used under non-condensing conditions. Keep the working environment free of dust and good ventilation. It is strictly forbidden to work in an flammable and explosive environment.

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