Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Automatic box carton gluing sealing machine

January 06 , 2022

Automatic hot melt carbon box sealing machine

The automatic carbon box sealing machine is suitable for sealing requirements of various corrugated boxes, for example, beverage, food, medicine, daily necessities, and outer packaging of hotel supplies, which replaces the traditional tapes and can remain adhesion in cold, hot or humid conditions.

Environmentally friendly, effectively reducing production costs.

Operating mode:

Hot melt adhesive sealing machine - top and bottom

Manual loading of materials

Machine work process:

Going into the hot melt box sealing machine with stainless steel plate and the left and right grass belts, and reaches the designated area to open the box leaves and spray glue, then enter the box leaves to bond the box leaves.

Main parameters and configuration:

Machine size: length 2100X width 1380X height 1500mm

Speed: 10-20 boxes / minute

Air pressure: 4-6kg

Power: 220V 50Hz 3.8KW

Applicable box size: width 180mm-450mm height 120mm-400mm length 100mm-500mm


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