Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Semi automatic spray hot glue machine in shoes manufacturing industry

January 07 , 2022

In the shoe industry, yellow glue was used as an example for the early adhesives. Later, a large amount of glue (paste) was used for brushing glue, all of which belonged to the so-called solvent glue. The volatilization of solvents is harmful to the human body. Inhaling too much solvent may cause serious harm to the human body. Including acute poisoning at high concentrations that inhibit the nervous system and cause people to lose consciousness, low concentrations will chronically accumulate in the liver or kidneys, and after halogen-containing solvents volatilize into the air, there is a greater chance of destroying the ozone layer due to photoreactions. In order to avoid causing health hazards to operators, reduce the impact of chemical substances on the environment and the human body, and at the same time, out of the need for environmental protection, traditional solvent-based adhesives have a tendency to be replaced by hot-melt adhesives.

The products produced by our company include glue spraying machine, roller gluing machine, glue dispensing machine, edge gluing machine, toe cap setting machine, etc., which are integrated into the entire production process of the shoe industry. It has been widely used in various parts such as treasure gluing, irregular shape gluing, upper edge gluing, midsole dispensing, and insole gluing.

hot melt gluing machine

hot glue pasting machine

hot melt spray equipment

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