Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

How to choose a good hot melt hose?

August 19 , 2021

From the analysis of the current sales, the glue machine hose has occupied most of the market, but how to distinguish the inferior hot melt glue hose? Let me share some small methods for everyone.

1. The insulating layer is easy to wear and leakage occurs

2. Glue leakage occurs when the insulating sleeve is broken

3. The rusty joints will also cause glue leakage

4. The pipe bursts due to uneven heating

5. There are gaps in the inner tube braided cloth, and the glue leaks

Good quality hot melt hose:

First of all, you should pay attention to the material of the throat joint, whether it is stainless steel or ordinary material. Ordinary materials are easy to rust and leak glue

Secondly, pay attention to heating wire, choose carbon fiber heating wire, heating and melting evenly;

Finally, it depends on the inner tube weaving, we should choose precision equipment weaving, otherwise it is easy to leak glue and electricity.

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