Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

What happens if the hot melt glue machine is not processed for a long time?

August 19 , 2021

What should I do if I do not use the hot melt glue machine for a long time?

1. Clean all parts of the machine first, and do not leave any stains and dust impurities to prevent rust

2. After cleaning, put it in the vent to let the water vapor evaporate automatically.

3. Lubricate oil, protect oil, etc. on the roller position,

4. In order to prevent too much dust, it is recommended to find a dry, dust-proof workshop to place it, and not to expose it to the sun for a long time

5. If there is time to keep the machine rotating at a fixed time, then various failures will not occur in the future operation process

The hot melt glue machine belongs to the mechanical category and requires regular cleaning and warranty. Only in this way can the normality of the machine be guaranteed. So when you do not use the hot melt machine for a long time, you must do the above work.

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