Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hot melt glue machine filter cleaning

August 18 , 2021

The hot melt glue machine filter is a part of the hot melt glue machine. It is mainly used for the normal operation of the hot melt glue machine by the impurities that may appear in the container. A set of good equipment is properly maintained and can be used for decades. Because the hot melt glue machine is a high temperature operation, the working time is long, so it is more necessary to maintain it. The filter of the hot melt glue machine should be cleaned regularly to avoid the blockage of the glue spray system of the hot melt glue machine and reduce accidental losses.

How to clean the filter screen of the hot melt glue machine? The editor of Noson will tell you:

1. Set the temperature of the hot melt glue machine system to the operating temperature;

2. Remove the filter from the branch seat and check whether the filter needs to be replaced;

3. If it needs to be replaced, install the new filter, and at the same time use a new sealing ring, coated with high-temperature oil;

4. If it does not need to be replaced, it should be cleaned with a professional cleaning agent to wipe off the impurities and carbides, and then it can be used after installation.

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