Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Features of hot melt adhesive

July 27 , 2021

  The main component of hot melt adhesive, namely the basic resin is copolymerized with ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure, and then mixed with tackifier, viscosity regulator, antioxidant, etc. to make hot melt adhesive.

1) It is usually a solid at room temperature. When heated to a certain extent, it melts into a liquid. Once cooled below the melting point, it quickly becomes a solid.  

2) It has fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, and the adhesive layer has a certain degree of flexibility, hardness and toughness;   

3) Glue liquid is applied to the adherend to cool and solidify the glue layer, and it can also be heated and melted   

4) It becomes an adhesive body and then adheres to the adherend, with a certain degree of re-adhesiveness;   

5) When using, just heat and melt the hot melt adhesive into the required liquid, and apply it to the object to be adhered,   

6) After pressing and bonding, the bonding and curing can be completed in a few seconds, and the degree of hardening and cooling and drying can be achieved in a few minutes.  

7) Because the product itself is solid, it is convenient for packaging, transportation and storage;   

8) Solvent-free, pollution-free, non-toxic type;   

9) And the advantages of simple production process, high added value, high adhesion and strength, and fast speed are very popular.  

10) Hot melt adhesive has stable performance, high raw material utilization rate, fast production speed, and high yield   

11) The advantages of small equipment area and small investment.

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