Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Mattress industry application

July 27 , 2021

   For safety and health, consumers are increasingly demanding mattresses that are absolutely odorless and environmentally friendly. Therefore, mattress manufacturers have begun to use hot-melt glue gluing machines, replacing water-based glue with hot-melt glue. The hot-melt glue gluing machine heats and melts the solid hot-melt glue and sprays it on the mattress material to bond the materials, and the hot-melt glue will quickly solidify when cold. Hot melt adhesive is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, short bonding time and easy to store.

   In the mattress industry, the use of hot melt glue requires a hot melt glue machine, which can also be called a hot melt glue gluing machine. The hot melt glue gluing machine is mainly used for foam mattresses and spring mattresses. In the production of spring mattresses, the hot melt glue gluing machine is matched with a bag spring machine, which can automatically and quickly spray glue to complete the combination of the entire spring mattress. For foam mattresses, manual hot-melt glue gluing machines and automatic gluing machines can be used. Manually, employees need to hold spray guns for spraying, and automatic ones do not require employees to operate and are mechanized. According to the different products and costs, choose the hot melt glue gluing machine that suits you.

   Our hot melt glue gluing machine is coated with Teflon coating to prevent carbonization. It adopts electronic reversing technology to precisely control the amount of glue, which can be applied to the production of a variety of mattresses.

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