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Installation Precautions for Hot Melt Hose and Hot Melt Glue Gun

Aug 11, 2022

Hot melt glue machine is used in home appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe-making material industry, medical dressing industry, toy handicraft industry, clothing industry, etc. It is widely used, and most of them use hot-melt adhesive bonding technology.

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Hot-melt hose and hot-melt glue gun are indispensable accessories for the glue spraying system of the whole hot-melt glue machine. The three main accessories of the host, hot melt hose, and hot melt glue gun all have heating functions, and the temperature is high. Be sure to pay attention to safety during installation and use.

Hot-Melt Glue Guns

 hot melt hose glue meler

8pins plug connector for hot glue melt hose

Pay attention to the following points when installing the hot melt glue gun and hot melt tube:

1. When installing the hot melt hose, the pressure value of the pressure regulating valve needs to be adjusted to zero.

2. When moving and installing the hot melt glue gun, be sure to protect the nozzle.

3. Connect the hot-melt glue gun to the hot-melt glue tube. The power can only be turned on after the hot-melt glue tube is connected to the main body of the hot-melt glue machine. (Note that the screw teeth should be aligned when connecting to prevent slippage)

4. The solenoid valve is close to the nozzle position to avoid prolonging the switching time.

5. During use, the hot-melt hose can be suspended to avoid movement and wear on the ground. In particular, the manual hot melt glue machine is basically a hanging type, which not only protects the hot melt glue tube, but also saves labor.

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