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Application of hot melt glue machine in filter industry

Jul 01, 2022

The application field of hot melt glue machine is very wide, in the household appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe-making material industry, medical dressing industry, toys and crafts industry, clothing industry, etc. playing a very big role. If you want to know more about the application field of hot melt adhesive machine, you must first know the characteristics of hot melt adhesive.

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Hot melt adhesive is a colloid with a solid content of 100%, with strong viscosity, short bonding time, no odor, strong water resistance and heat resistance, fast drying time, and high production efficiency. After being melted into a liquid state, the glue is sprayed onto the substrate. The glue will solidify again on the cold surface after contacting the air, and it only takes a few seconds to complete the process, ensuring high production efficiency. The products sprayed by the hot melt glue machine are beautiful and of good quality, which improves the product qualification rate.

For example, the automotive air-conditioning filter element industry mostly uses hot-melt adhesive bonding technology, but only good hot-melt adhesives may not be able to obtain high bonding strength. This is because the quality of the bonding is good or bad, success or failure. Much depends on the equipment used and the parameters and process methods provided. The general process of gluing includes determining parts, surface treatment, dispensing, gluing, drying, gluing, cleaning, parking, curing, post-curing, inspection, and renovation.

In the production operation, the hot melt glue machine is completed with the folding machine. First, the filter paper should be placed on the folding machine and folded to a certain specification. After that, the width of the folding can be set by itself; the second is to fold the filter paper. Then use a hot-melt glue machine for gluing. This process requires automatic glue spraying on the filter paper at a constant speed according to the process needs. Generally, it is sprayed with strip-shaped glue. You can choose single-sided glue or double-sided glue. Fast bonding and forming; finally, it can be cut according to the size of the filter element, loaded into the filter frame and pasted, and finally formed.

In general, the manufacture of the filter element can be used many times in the hot melt glue machine. The use of hot melt glue machine will greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor, save production costs and other advantages. Yongtai hot melt adhesive machine manufacturer is an excellent domestic manufacturer of hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. It has great achievements in various bonding and compounding industries. It has been widely used in air conditioners, purifiers, oil filter elements, etc.

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