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    pressure dispenser
    YT-DJ102S Hot melt glue dripping machine with sensor
    The YT-DJ102S Hot melt applicator is designed to melt any type or shape of adhesive with viscosity ranging from 500 to 20000cps suitable for manual operation. This equipment has two main system,electrical control system and heating system including pneumatic system. The solid form hot melt material is melted in a special trating tank,flow to bottom of the tank and transferred by compress air,through the nozzle device for application. The features of this YT-DJ102S hot melt applicator are: 1.Light weight,small volume,easy to move. 2.Open cap easily,fill materials conveniently and safety. 3.Glue melt fast. 4.Pressure and flow are adjustable. 5.Simple construction,easy to maintain.

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