Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The bonding effect is good, and the surface treatment before gluing is indispensable

August 09 , 2021

Bonding generally refers to the bonding of two items through the action of hot-melt adhesive, and the bonding area of two items is called bonding surface. Before spraying glue by hot-melt adhesive machine, we need to treat the surface of bonded objects for better bonding. Any material will inevitably be stained with some stains in production and processing. Oil stains or some impurities, if the material with impurities is sprayed directly, it can be sprayed, but it is not stable. And it's easy for the adhesive layer to fall off, so. No matter what the material is, the surface treatment must be carried out before glue spraying,

The main purposes of material surface treatment are:

1. Remove all kinds of stains and rust on the material surface and keep the surface clean. The surface of the material can be directly combined with the adhesive to ensure the bonding quality

2. We coarsen the surface of materials by chemical treatment or other methods. Carry out one step to enhance the bonding force between the adhesive layer and the material surface. The protective performance is improved and the service time is prolonged

There are many methods of surface treatment, and machinery can be used as an auxiliary tool. Chemical treatment and manual methods can also be used. From the overall effect, the effect of spraying noise is better. Then there is manual processing, but manual processing is labor-intensive, so it is also less used. At present, the most commonly used units are those that use hot melt adhesive for electrostatic spraying. Most of them are mainly sand blasting, but there are also chemical treatment. In some places, due to the limitation of location. It is easy to deform the material by sand blasting. Improper operation may also puncture the material. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the time when cleaning the material surface, pay attention to the use method, and make selection in combination with the actual situation.

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