Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hot melt roller coater introduction

April 25 , 2021

Gluing machine is a kind of equipment that is widely used in sheet materials. The glue is applied by the glue tank, and the motor drives the roller to rotate. The liquid hot melt glue is evenly spread on the shaft, and the material naturally rolls on the material when it passes through. This type of hot  wood glue roller applicator is divided into different lengths according to the width of the material. The commonly used models are 300MM, 400MM, 500MM, 600MM, 800MM, 1M, 1.5M, 2M and other specifications. The upper wheel seat used, floating up and down and pressure adjustment, is used for flat bonding and gluing with a thickness of 0.5mm or more. It is easy to operate, meets environmental protection requirements, and improves work efficiency. It is a very economical machine.

One: Principle of Hot Melt Glue Rolling Machine:Sub-power, electric heating and mechanical transmission system compositionA: The power is a 1/8HP AC motor, which is decelerated by a gear box, and is adjusted by the governor through two sets of chains. The gear is decelerated twice, so that the roller drive can reach ten different adjusting speeds.
B: The layout of the electric heating system is advanced. The glue storage tank of the heater is installed separately. After the roller is energized, electric heat is generated to quickly liquefy the solid melted glue. The temperature is sensed by the resistance temperature detector, and then the signal is sent to the thermostat to control the glue. And the temperature of the rollers.
C: When a failure occurs, KCD will instantly cut off the circuit, rollers, and sprocket gears. The structure of the gear train is compact, reliable, convenient and simple to adjust. The protection safety device that touches the red emergency stop switch to stop the operation of the mechanical transmission.

Two: The performance characteristics of hot melt glue roller glue machine:It is suitable for surface lamination and gluing with thickness above 0.5MM, such as shoes, suitcases, leather goods, stationery, cardboard boxes and sports equipment, etc.

A: Innovative design, upper wheel seat, up and down floating and pressure adjustment, can be glued to uneven, soft and hard front and low back change materials

B: Special design: the roller can be made into dots, strips and nets for gluing operations

C: European standard design: The glue tank is treated with Teflon to change the glue easily. The temperature can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the hot melt glue, which can effectively prevent the hot melt glue adhesive from carbonizing. The motor of this machine can also be controlled by a frequency converter, and the speed can be adjusted infinitely variable.

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