Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Application of PUR hot melt glue bulk melter

May 07 , 2021

The application field of PUR hot melt glue machine is very wide, such as furniture industry (mattress,, sofa spray glue), household appliances (refrigerator, air conditioning dispensing, etc.), automobile manufacturing (car headlights, tires, car interiors), packaging industry (medicine, food, packaging cartons, cigarette boxes, wine boxes, gift packaging boxes, mirror boxes, processing craft boxes, jewelry boxes, packaging color box glue), environmental sanitation industry (adults, small Children’s diapers, aunt’s towels, wet tissue paper, etc.), air filters .

PUR hot melt adhesive machine can also be used for coating composite industry (medical tape, logo double-sided adhesive, etc.), product assembly (furniture assembly, household appliances assembly, etc.), shoe material industry, fitness equipment, clothing industry, daily chemical industry, packaging Printing industry, industrial production, daily appliance industry, engineering construction, porcelain industry, etc.All these product is glued with hot melt glue machine, not only the actual operation is saved Time-saving, environmental protection, and cost reduction can also make products more beautiful and upgrade a level, enhance market competitiveness, promote the development of related industries, and drive employment.

As an adhesive for automobiles, its characteristics must not only meet the service life of the automobile, but also must have the process performance of a large number of water-flow production and manufacturing incorporated here. It not only has suitable physical and chemical properties, but also has excellent engineering construction characteristics. Including storage reliability and transportation safety factors, hot melt adhesives have certain advantages in this regard, and they have been used in the automotive industry. The key is for the bonding of the roof of the car (including the joints of the polyethylene roof, the roof lining, the bonding of the roof sound insulation and noise reduction gasket, the bonding of the roof arc structure reinforcement beam and the roof, etc.), The adhesion of interior and exterior decorations of automobiles, and the sealing performance of electric welding welding of automobile body coverings, etc., are mainly based on polyester and acrylic resin hot melt.

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