Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The prospect of hot melt glue machine

Aug 17, 2021

With the rapid development of the hot-melt adhesive industry, the application range of hot-melt adhesives has become wider and wider, and further attention has been paid to the development of hot-melt adhesive coating methods, hot-melt adhesive coating equipment, and coating technologies. This is the key to the successful application of hot-melt adhesives. It is also an important condition for the continued development of hot melt adhesives. In recent years, while absorbing and digesting advanced foreign equipment and technology, we have done a lot of work in continuously improving and innovating our own coating methods and coating equipment. In particular, the localization of dual-point coating machines and the further improvement of performance, the development of cold powder spot coating methods and equipment, etc. If there are new types of glue, there must be matching coating technology and equipment.

YONGTAI Hot melt glue machine

Hot Melt Glue Spray Machine

Hot Melt Glue Spray Machine

Hot Melt Glue Spray Machine

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