Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Maintenance method of hot melt glue machine

Jun 16, 2022

Hot melt glue spraying machine has a variety of uses, which are found in various industries, such as underwear dispensing, automobile structure and parts, windshield sealing and lamp assembly, etc. How should we maintain such a good machine?

Daily maintenance:

① Wipe all parts of the machine to keep the machine clean.

② When the machine stops, remove the air pressure and turn off the auxiliary system motor switch.

③ Do not hit any part of the machine with heavy objects.

④ The adjusted parts of the machine, the timing switch, the switch of the auxiliary system... Please do not turn them at will to avoid troubles in work.

Weekly maintenance

① Check whether the power cord is securely fastened.

② Check whether the air pressure source is fixed properly.

③ Check whether the intake pressure regulating valve has accumulated water, and if so, empty it.

④ Check whether each temperature controller is improperly set due to malfunction.

Monthly maintenance

① Heat the machine to the working state, but do not connect the wind pressure and turn on the motor switch temporarily.

② Remove the hot melt glue nozzle, use the steel needle attached to clear out the blockage in the glue hole and check whether there is carbide accumulation and remove it.

③ Turn on the air pressure and motor switch, and place a thick cardboard or other container that can accept hot melt adhesive under the glue outlet of the gun body, let the machine discharge glue for a long time, and check whether there is any black in hot melt glue. If there is carbonization, check whether there is carbonization in the glue tank. If yes, it means that the set temperature of the glue tank is too high, and it should be adjusted to an appropriate temperature. If there is no carbonization in the glue tank, check the set temperature of the hose is too high, and adjust it to the appropriate temperature value.

④ Check whether the movement of each temperature controller is normal.

⑤ After completing the above actions, put the nozzle back into the gun body and be sure to lock it firmly.

Annual maintenance

① Execute the actions of the weekly maintenance one by one.

② Execute the actions of the monthly maintenance one by one.

③ Cleaning the machine

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