Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Dispensing application in mobile phone industry (circuit board)

Aug 12, 2021

Smart phones involve a complex cross industry. In addition to high-tech industries such as high-tech information technology, electronic crystal board technology and digital signal communication, they are also an industry that requires a lot of labor and raw material consumption. In the assembly and mosaic of mobile phones, two methods are needed: metal fixation and bonding fixation.

Bonding and fixing is to use hot-melt adhesive machine particles to carry out fine processing and bonding on some fine parts, such as chips, touch screens and so on. These parts can not be fixed by metal forcibly, otherwise it will easily cause damage to plates and display screens. It can be vividly said that no matter how professional and advanced the industry is, They also need small hot melt adhesive products to solve some problems for them.

For the hot-melt adhesive particles for bonding all mobile phone parts, we usually use hot-melt adhesive brands such as EVA hot-melt adhesive and polyurethane hot-melt adhesive, because these hot-melt adhesives have low requirements for most bonding surfaces, excellent adhesion and adhesion between metal, plastic and fiberboard, and the dispensing process of mobile phone parts under the hot melting of hot-melt adhesive is simple, Just glue the parts and wait for curing to complete the production. Another advantage of EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane hot melt adhesive and other products is that their curing time is short. After completing the gluing of a mobile phone, the previous mobile phone has basically been cured, which is suitable for the assembly line production of many mobile phone manufacturers and agent processors, so that they can quickly complete the mobile phone production and flow into the market.

Moreover, bonding the mobile phone with hot melt adhesive can also reduce the pressure of the machine itself, reduce the physical force of the fuselage and play a buffer role. As we all know, when the all metal solidified mobile phone is subjected to irregular external force, the external force will be amplified in the body, which will affect the fine electronic components of the board core over time. For all metals inside the body, this situation will be further amplified. However, if the hot melt adhesive is added for reinforcement, the hot melt adhesive can not only play a bonding and stable effect in the interior of the mobile phone, but also provide a buffer for absorbing external force, reduce the repair rate and difficulty of the mobile phone, and prolong the service life of consumers' mobile phones. Therefore, hot melt adhesive products are also a popular product in the mobile phone industry.

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