Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Types of hot melt glue gun

August 14 , 2021

The hot melt glue gun is a supporting tool for the hot melt glue machine. It is used to apply glue to the material. The hot melt glue machine melts the glue and then sprays the glue onto the material with the glue gun. As the hot melt glue machine is beginning to be used in more and more industries Therefore, in order to allow customers to use them better, hot melt glue machine manufacturers have invented different types of hot melt glue guns, which are suitable for different industries. Today, let’s learn about the characteristics of different glue guns.

Strip gun: Precise 22 small modules and fast air opening and closing design, imported MAC solenoid valve, provide more precise opening effect. The flexible and diverse nozzles of the spray gun are precision-processed, and nozzles of different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements to adapt to different production lines, which can be customized. Unique filter design, good filtering effect, easier to clean and replace. The nozzle is not easy to be clogged.

Fiber gun: precise and unique fiber nozzle design, reasonable and simple structure, easy to clean. Accurate spray glue control, excellent atomization effect, truly non-woven fabric, perforated film spray glue without reverse osmosis. Reasonable and flexible filter screen design can effectively reduce nozzle clogging and facilitate cleaning. Flexible nozzle combination, precise spraying position, according to requirements, different spraying width can be adjusted at any time. The fiber nozzle is made of stainless steel and stainless steel sheet, which is durable and not easily deformed. High temperature resistant imported MAC solenoid valve can effectively and accurately control when glue is sprayed and broken.

Scraper: The precise and unique arc-shaped scraper nozzle design greatly improves the working angle of the scraper. The scraper nozzle is made of high wear-resistant materials, heat-treated, and precision processed, which is not rusty and durable. Different spray width and squeegee dosage can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Adopting air-opening and air-closing module structure and high temperature resistant imported MAC solenoid valve, the operating frequency can reach 800 times per minute, providing a more accurate shut-off effect. Unique filter design, good filtering effect, easier to clean and replace. The scraping nozzle is not easy to be blocked.

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