Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The reason why the hot melt glue machine does not heat up

August 16 , 2021

With the change of the times, mechanization is getting closer and closer to life. Most of the products used in life need to be bonded to form objects. The glue required for traditional bonding has been gradually eliminated with the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, and the environmental friendly hot melt adhesive has gradually appeared in the public view, Among them, the essential is the "medium" of hot-melt adhesive machine. Hot-melt adhesive machine is widely used in industries, such as automobile interior trim, automatic box sealing, cosmetics, furniture and household appliances. What if the hot-melt adhesive machine is not heated during use?

In fact, it can be handled by professionals, but remember to turn off the power before checking:

1. Check whether the host power supply of the hot melt adhesive machine is wrongly connected and whether the circuit breaker is disconnected. If it is normal, use a multimeter to connect the host power terminal and whether the voltage is 220V / 380V.

2. Check whether the fuse tube of the main engine is broken. If the fuse tube is broken, it needs to be replaced; Otherwise, check the parameter setting of the temperature control meter. If the opt indicator light of the temperature control meter is on and the output signal light of the solid-state relay is also on, check whether the contactor is closed and whether the alarm relay works normally; If everything is normal, use a multimeter to measure whether the heating resistance of the host is normal.

3. When the hot melt hose or spray gun is not heated, check whether the fuse is broken. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse. Whether the pin of aviation plug-in has exited. If the pin exits, you can pull out the pin with pointed nose pliers.

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