Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The difference between glue spraying and scraping

October 27 , 2021

Some industries need to spray glue, and some industries need to scrape glue, which is mainly selected according to the customer's process requirements. The hot melt glue gun used in the hot melt glue machine equipment spraying and scraping is different, there are two main differences:

1. The glue gun used for spraying glue does not need to be in contact with the material and has a certain distance. The glue gun can spray dots, lines, spirals or different shapes. The glue scraping gun needs to be in contact with the material, and the glue scraped out is relatively wide.

2. Through these two methods, the shape of the hot melt adhesive on the material is different. The glue sprayed out is relatively narrow and has a certain thickness, and the surface of the glue is uneven, while the scraped glue is relatively wide, the glue layer is very thin, and the surface is also flat and uniform.

There is a big difference between glue spraying and scraping, so when choosing the configuration of the hot melt glue machine, you need to communicate your process with the hot melt glue machine manufacturer in detail and choose the appropriate method.  Get more from

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