Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

The correct way to operate the hot melt glue machine

October 26 , 2021

The hot melt glue machine is a widely used equipment, and the operation is relatively simple, but if you want to use it for a long time and have a low failure rate of the equipment, it is necessary to reduce the wear and tear in the working process. The hot melt glue machine's movement speed, changes in working temperature, environmental cleaning, maintenance and other methods will bring wear and tear to the hot melt glue spraying machine.

The hot melt glue machine will increase the wear of the hot melt glue machine under load. The greater the change in the movement speed of the parts and the more the number of changes, the greater the wear on the hot melt glue machine. There is also a large temperature change and frequent changes in the hot melt adhesive machine during use, which will also cause wear to the hot melt adhesive machine. The working environment of the hot melt glue machine must be clean. If there is dust, impurities, ore powder, etc., it will cause wear and tear on the hot melt glue machine. The hot melt glue spraying machine needs regular cleaning, repair and maintenance. The staff responsible for this work must maintain the equipment. The better the maintenance, the better the use and the greater the effect.

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