Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Slot Die Head Eva Hot melt adhesive on release pape coating

January 10 , 2022

Ytgluemachine hot melt glue machine with advanced design and untypical method of coating or gluing , it is especially fitted with high speed intermittent adhesive application Air-open/air-close valve design can make it work 5000 times/minute intermittently without loose. The body is made by adopting durable imported material. The durable stainless steel head/mouth is designed to ensure the same temperature between the head and body. So the adhesive/sealant is welldistributed without blockage in the head or mouth. Inside, it is equipped with filtering device which can be easily to clean and avoid any blockage in the head or mouth. Widely used in many industries, such as, packaging, medical care, diaper production , construction, fiber, garment, footwear, leather, woodworking, transportation, furniture, etc.

Slot die glue gun

slot die glue gun

heat gun scraper

adhesive glue spray gun


Cool Touch insulation

Integrate filter in the heating part



Consistent temperature control

Compact construction

24 VDC valve activation / 220VAC valve


Cool Touch body protection

Reduced energy use

Higher operational safety

Very good tear-off behavior

Fast response

Small installation dimensions

No clogged nozzles

SPS contro

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