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Precautions for using hot melt glue machine in summer

October 21 , 2021

The hot melt glue machine is a high-temperature product. In summer, the temperature will inevitably be much higher than usual. In order to avoid unnecessary failures or accidents that affect production efficiency, use it in summer. Matters needing attention of hot melt glue machine:

1. When there is no hot melt glue in the melting tank of the hot melt glue machine, the glue machine should not be heated for more than 15 minutes to avoid the line burn out and damage the machine.

2. Before use, be sure to receive training, keep in mind the precautions, and operate in strict accordance with the manual.

3. For your own safety, do not touch the wiring and electrical components when the power is on, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Fire prevention and electricity prevention in summer. When you use the hot melt adhesive machine, you must follow the manual. Yongtai hot melt adhesive machine is of excellent quality and cost-effective. If you need a high-quality hot melt adhesive machine, please contact us!

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