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Precautions for use of hot melt adhesive machine

May 20 , 2022

The hot-melt glue dispenser uses the characteristics of solid hot-melt glue to be heated into a molten state and then contacted with air and then solidified on a cold surface to dispense glue. Then you need to pay attention to the following points when using the hot melt glue dispenser.

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1. Understand various types of hot melt adhesives and different technical performance parameters. Different types of hot melt adhesives have different opening, curing and cooling time. It is also necessary to distinguish due to different regions, the appropriate period of using summer glue and winter glue, the opening and curing time will also change when the temperature is different. The entire bonding process should be completed within the open time of the hot melt adhesive.

2.Do not use hot melt glue to directly heat it with an open flame. It must be heated with a spacer oil bath (boiling point should reach 100 degrees Celsius) or a sealed electric heating plate. The temperature of the hot melt glue should be strictly controlled within the scope of use, and the temperature of the glue used should not be changed arbitrarily. In special cases, the maximum tolerance is ±1.0 degrees Celsius.

3. Before the solid hot melt adhesive is used, it must be preheated with a preheating device and then released to the glued plastic box for use. During the glue application process, it is not allowed to directly mix solid glue blocks (non-preheated glue blocks) into the glue application box to prevent uneven temperature, poor fluidity or incomplete melting of the glue, resulting in uneven glue application. Or bonding difficulties affect the quality.

4.The amount of glue in the preheating hot-melt glue machine should be properly controlled. Do not add too much to use up. The colloid is repeatedly melted for many times, which will deteriorate and age, reduce the viscosity, and affect the adhesion. It is also not allowed to add too little and not enough, causing waiting for melting to affect normal production.

The barrel glue and plastic box of the hot melt glue machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the plastic barrel and the plastic box to prevent the precipitation and accumulation of impurities in the glue liquid and affect the accuracy of temperature control. Do it carefully.

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