Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Nose bridge aluminum strip gluing machine

July 24 , 2021
1. Using PID temperature control system, the quality is reliable and stable, so that the hot melt adhesive is evenly heated, does not change color, does not carbonize, and does not change the good chemical and physical properties of the original hot melt adhesive.

2. Progressive pre-heating barrel design, first-in-first-melt, internally coated with Teflon anti-stick coating, low energy consumption, reducing glue carbonization, and maintaining the quality of glue.

3. It has the function of over-temperature alarm and power-off protection, which can freely adjust the over-temperature value parameters. When the actual temperature exceeds the set value, the total power of the machine will automatically power off, reducing potential safety hazards and protecting all components of the equipment.

4. The use of double-layer filter screen reduces the phenomenon of nozzle clogging, the reflow device, the glue pressure adjustment is more accurate and stable. The high-strength integrated plastic melt bucket, bid farewell to the phenomenon of sand hole glue leakage in welding.

5. Adopt high-precision pump, stable glue volume and pressure output, prolong the service life of the pump and improve production efficiency.

6. Pump protection function. When the actual temperature of the rubber barrel does not reach the set temperature value, the pump does not work, which plays a protective role, prolongs the service life of the equipment and avoids the economic loss of the enterprise caused by the illegal operation of employees. .

Application scope: Suitable for packaging industry, furniture industry, toy industry, electronic and electrical industry, handicraft industry, carton box sealing and packaging industry, automobile industry, and related industries such as the use of automation equipment.

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