Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Hot melt glue machine for car filters

July 23 , 2021

The hot melt heat gun nozzles glue machine is efficient, high-quality, power-saving, safe and easy to operate.

As far as the manufacture of automobile air-conditioning filter elements is concerned, hot melt adhesive bonding technology is mostly used. In the manufacturing process of filter paper, such as folding, shaping, bonding filter frame, filling, sealing, etc., hot melt equipment is used to spray glue, and the application is very wide. When the filter element is made, an automatic hot melt glue machine can be used, and the automatic glue spraying replaces the manual glue brushing process, which greatly saves labor costs. The automatic hot melt glue machine is completed with a folding machine, so first put the filter paper on the folding machine and fold it into a certain specification, and then the width of the folding can be set by yourself. Secondly, after the filter paper is folded and formed, it enters the gluing process of the hot melt adhesive. This process needs to be automatically sprayed on the filter paper at a uniform speed according to the process requirements. Generally, it is a strip-shaped glue. You can choose single-sided glue or double-sided glue. After spraying glue, it can be quickly bonded and formed. Finally, it can be cut according to the size of the filter element, put into the filter frame and pasted, and finally shaped. So in general, the manufacture of the filter element can be used many times in the hot melt roll coating equipment.

In summary, the hot melt book gluing machine has occupied a very important position in various fields. The use of hot melt glue machine will greatly improve production efficiency, reduce manual labor, save production costs and other advantages.

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