Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Cleaning steps of filter screen of hot melt glue gun

August 23 , 2021

The filter screen of hot melt glue gun is mainly used to filter the impurities in the glue and reduce the damage to the main body of the glue gun.

The hot melt glue gun is mainly divided into two types: one is the manual hot melt glue gun, and the other is the self hot melt glue gun, also known as needle valve. The manual hot melt glue machine is manually controlled. The amount of glue ejected is large, the nozzle diameter is thick, and the nozzle is not blocked by capacity. Today we want to talk about the cleaning steps of the filter screen of the automatic glue spraying gun.

The hot melt glue gun is mainly composed of module body, upper and lower covers, thimble, filter screen and sealing ring. Here, the filter screen and sealing ring are vulnerable parts. The general rubber gun filter screen needs to be cleaned once every three months.

First of all, we should link the glue machine, glue gun and rubber hose together, heat it to about 80 degrees, (bring anti scalding protective equipment) let the glue in the glue machine melt into liquid shape, and then discharge the glue in the glue gun and hot-melt rubber hose. Be sure to discharge it completely to avoid being scalded( Here, pay attention to the pressure control of the glue machine and discharge the pressure as much as possible to avoid excessive glue pressure and spray scald)

Then remove the screws fixing the upper and lower covers with an Allen wrench, take out the filter screen in the automatic gun, and clean the filter screen while it is hot.

In addition, if you have a hot-air gun, you can directly heat the hot-melt glue gun with a hot-air gun without heating the equipment, and take out the filter screen for cleaning.

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