Hot melt glue machine with hand gun

Application of Hot Melt Glue Machine in Automatic Production of Home Appliances

Nov 03, 2021

In recent years, the country's continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements for large and small enterprises has made more and more enterprises begin to use hot melt adhesives. Use this environmentally friendly adhesive to replace traditional water glue, yellow glue, etc.

In the production process of home appliances, there are some processes that must be pasted with adhesives. Now, if you switch to hot-melt adhesives, you must use a hot-melt glue machine. In fact, the hot-melt glue machine has been used a long time ago. At first, it may be a manual hot-melt glue machine. It also uses hot-melt glue, but the efficiency is relatively low. Later, there was a combination of conveyor line + XYZ axis + hot melt glue machine. This method is more efficient and saves a lot of labor, but it cannot meet the glue spraying of some special surfaces. Now start to use the robot, use the robot arm to drive the spray gun of the hot melt glue machine, and spray glue in any position and any direction. This method is more flexible and more convenient.

Whether it was before or now, as long as you are using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive, you must use a hot melt glue machine.

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